Job Type: Full Time

Published Date: 14th September, 2023

Application Deadline: 31st October, 2023

Duration: 1 month

Job Status: Expired



·         Above average Computer skills including MS Word and Excel.

·         Must have a strong attention to detail.

·         Must have hands on knowledge and skills in production process for Kraft Paper and boards.

·         Must be able to make quick decisions and possess good judgment.

·         Must have good organizational skills

·         Must be able to calculate basic mathematic functions

·         Must be effective in handling problems in the workplace, including anticipating, preventing, identifying and solving problems as necessary.

·         Must be effective at listening to, understanding, and clarifying the concerns and issues raised by co-workers and guests.

·         Must remain professional in all situations.



·         Job holder’s office and duties are carried out within the Recycle Paper Mill.

·         Job roles may require visiting other domestic sites to ensure efficient management at all levels of the Recycle Paper Mill.

TRAINING &        knowledge


·         4 or more years of supervisory experience in Paper Production, Maintaining, Managing and Operating the recycle Paper mill.

·         Age: Minimum 40 years


·         Minimum of BSc. in Mechanical Engineering.



·         Effectively maintains the desired quality of production throughout different manufacturing process.

·         Ensures that every machine, equipment and labour are working at their best.

·         Ability to avoid disruptions that may hamper production time and process.

·         Ability to meet required quantity of production.


  $1000 - $5000    

Job Description


The production Manager will direct and manage plant operations of 50 tons per day recycle paper mill with overall responsibilities for production, quality and other production related activities. He trains, schedules, and oversees employees in the production plant, while simultaneously ensuring regulations, taking inventory, and ensuring that the plant meets all goals for production.


·    Demonstrate situational leadership in the implementation of problem-solving strategies and execution of key performance objectives in the production of finished product.

·         Establish and direct production operations to provide products according to job schedules and customer expectations.

·         Establishing a balance between increased productivity and reduced costs of manufacturing operations.

·         Developing workflow policies and procedures that improve efficiency without compromising safety or quality.

·         Create, monitor and report on weekly and monthly logistics and production key performance indicators.

·         Consult with Operators on quality issues; evaluate the overall QA performance of the Recycle paper Mill.

·         Monitor achievements against goals and make sure it is accomplished within the time frame given;

To scrutinize daily plan and execution of the production and keep abreast of the daily activities to ensure achievement of target within the time frame.

·         Coordinate with the Maintenance Department for preventive maintenance of all the machines;

Arrange with the Maintenance Department a consistent preventive maintenance of all the machines to ensure smooth daily production operation and keep up with the schedule agreed and minimal downtime.

·         Coordinate with the Quality Control Department before starting a job;

Coordinate with the Quality Control Department seek approval on the job to make sure the target quality is achieved before production run.

·         Evaluate performance of staff and suggest appropriate training, if required, or incentive on employee’s achievement, if any;

Enable to evaluate the performance of employees and suggest appropriate training or remedy to enhance their skills and propose incentive for those who performed exceptionally.

·         Others

Any other related duties assigned by the Operations Manager, Paper Division

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